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  1. Samuel says:

    but mine was declined and my earnings were deducted

  2. Wat if after requesting I saw your request has been received but they did not send me any mail

  3. Faisal says:

    W my own is not showing me withdrawal form

  4. Guyit Benjamin says:

    I make mistake in place of my user name I put my email please will I be pay or what should I do

  5. Siyeofori Allwell iyaye says:

    What if I made mistake via my unpaid referral earning, hope I will still get paid

  6. Mohammed Hadee says:

    I applied for withdrawal but I was not giving any notifications either successful or received
    Can I reapply?

  7. Quintessential says:

    So are you saying that if you have only one referral and your NARS earning is up to 5k you won’t get paid?

  8. Quadri says:

    Thanks for your explanation , Pls I withdraw last upper month and I dont get any email message but my money was deduct from my account on NNU, the funny thing is that 3k was deducted not up to 5k of minimum, so sir can I get any explanation on that?

    • Stanionline says:

      maybe 3k was deducted from your nars earnings bcos uar having referral earning of an amount i dont know. so its normal for ur earnings to be deducted and u wont get paid yet. so you have to be patient with NNU as they still pay everyday. there is this payment delay bcos the payroll is too long ok? so try and be patient with them for your payment is guaranteed once dey have deducted yur earnings. thanks. lets connect on wasap here: 08162199026

  9. Prince says:

    PLS is there any secific time when i cn make request for withdrawal or is it any date b4 24th

    • Stanionline says:

      NNU official withdrawal date is on or b4 24th of every month. Buh if incase u still see the withdrawal form b4 or after this period, then go ahead and place your withdrawal request. lets connect on wasap here: 08162199026

  10. –°ialis says:

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  11. Kenneth chukwu says:

    l received October confirmation email since November 2018 but no alert, what shall I do

    • Stanionline says:

      Just be patient. you will still receive the money in ur bank account. there is delay in payment bcos of too long a payroll and also as a result of the update been done on the withdrawal system of NNU.

  12. Adebayo says:

    I saw NARS earnings on ur screenshot after which Referral earnings followed…. Its nt like that in my own account. I just wonna knw wot the NARS earning is all abt… Thanks

  13. John says:

    Under the Facebook link requested for nars earning, I inserted my Twitter account bcos I was using dat . It was not added to my wallet. P ls help me

  14. I make requested for nars earnings to wallet but they said was successful but later I try to check it,what I saw there was DAT it was pended.but I don’t know what I can do now.

    • Stanionline says:

      That means that uav already requested. so no panic..dey will look into ur request and pay you if you are eligible within 24-48hrs.

  15. John says:

    If I start posting on Facebook , will it be added for withdrawal? It z only sponsored post dat I posted on Twitter. Wat of my reading of news payment.

  16. Lizzy says:

    Why wouldn’t I withdraw all the money

  17. Samita says:

    Is it possible to request for Nars payment without referral ?

  18. Balogun Babatunde says:

    Am I to produce two referrals on monthly basis before I can be eligible to withdraw or convert my Nars earning, because I heard that once I convert my unpaid referrals to wallet, then I will av to find another two referrals the following month before I can be eligible to withdraw again.. Pls how true is this?

  19. Great, I really like it! Youre awesome

  20. Isaac Solomon says:

    Boss am in big trouble ooo, I struggle to get my 2 referral but i mistakenly converted it to my wallet before the 15th of the month you are taking about , so my question am I to look 4 another two referral again or Will they still consider me considering that i have the two referral ????

    • Stanionline says:

      The condition states dat you shud first convert ur NARS to ur wallet b4 converting your unpaid referrals to wallet. So if uav done otherwise, then it means you should get anoda 2 unpaid referrals b4 u can b able to convert ur NARS earnings to wallet. However, if your wallet is already up to 5k, then u can go ahead and withdraw. If its not, u need anoda 2 unpaid referrals b4 u can convert ur NARS to wallet. or can u still see the option to convert ur NARS to wallet?If YES, den go ahead and convert it..if NO, you need anoda 2 or more unpaid referrals.

  21. delvis says:

    You have a pending request. Kindly be
    patient till it has been resolved..i don’t understand

  22. Olaozeez says:

    Plz I have been debbited on Nnu ND everything has been removed but I still haven’t seen any alert

  23. Kell says:

    My payment was declined please what should I do?

  24. Leowalter says:

    I had 3 paid referrals and I wanted to withdraw but I was told . No sufficient funds to this withdrawal. How do I do it please help me

  25. Jeremiah says:

    I converted my nars earning which was #18,800 to wallet today and yet they removed only #3000 and left #15,800, which is not supposed to be so.

  26. Isichei enoch says:

    I tried converting my nars earning but they keep telling me that they could not verify my sponsors post.. Which I checked my timeline every thing was okay and showing and also check through my link it was OK… Please what should I do?

  27. Faith Ene says:

    I requested for payment nd they only deducted 3000 out of 30,000 from my nars earnings. The remaining nars earnings is 27000. Are they going to transfer the 27000 to my wallet?

  28. Miss k says:

    Please, I want to withdraw but when I clicked on nars earning to convert my nars earning to wallet,they didn’t give me the option to make requests. I have been there referrals and over 5 k,the last time I withdraw was October last year

  29. Zebulun says:

    like hw many days wil it take to resolve it…. my iz up to 5 days now …it still pending

  30. Odejimi Ayobami says:

    I have Converted my First referral to wallet after i got the Notice and then do the same for my 2nd referral. I tried withdrawing to bank but i got a response that i must have minimum of 5k in my wallet balance. This is Absurd

  31. Prisca elohor says:

    I requested nars earning to d converted to wallet on d 21th of february and my unpaid referrals to b convert to wallet on d 15th of dis month. Today is 21th and i have not been to able to request another nars earning convertion please what is d solution?

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