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29 Responses

  1. Robinwely says:

    Nice post.
    thanks for the insight NNU income Program

  2. Unknown says:

    I pay the money I registered but the page to fill out the confirmation of the pay me is not the for anymore well I well to make mobile transfer and I have make the payment but I use the mail … And my name babatunde ifedayo

  3. hello. please explain better. I don't really understand. Wasap me here

  4. Unknown says:

    pls i already registerd without making payment with the aim to make payment later but after i logged out,i couldnt login keep showing ur account is still pending inform admin after u have made payment..pls how do i make the payment now

  5. Unknown says:

    I want to make payment

  6. hello. Sorry for the late response. Chat me up on whatsapp now for proper guide.

  7. hello. Sorry for the late response. Chat me up on whatsapp now for proper guide.

  8. Unknown says:

    please i registered and it was debited and confirmed but till now i cannot log in

  9. hello. Sorry for that. kindly forward your complaints to the support at
    if you dnt mind, place me a chat 08162199026

  10. Emeka says:

    Hello admin, is bank payment no longer accepted. My account I registered have not been approved

  11. no. you don't pay to the companys account again. Dat is G-cyber technologies. U pay to a distributor or you pay online with your ATM card. Chat me on wasap to get ur coupon code. 08162199026

  12. Unknown says:

    i dont know to pay through online payment

  13. Unknown says:

    Still pending after payment with ATM… what should I do?.. please advise

  14. Admin, paying with ATM, there is one column cvv help
    I don't understand d place. What will b there?

  15. hey. kindly chat Stan here for the solution

  16. pls i already registered with paystack yet without making payment with the aim to make payment. it keep showing ur payment is still pending. have click on pay with paystack many times but nothing happen .pls how do i make the payment now.

  17. hy. I suggest yoi get a coupon code and activate ur account. To get that, chat me on wasap here 08162199026 stating you're the one from my blog. Thanks.

  18. ClassicAndy says:

    i paid using my bank nd followed all procedures but it still says "Complete your payment" dont knw what else to do….pls guide me!!!

  19. Unknown says:

    Please I made a payment through paystack and it hasn't been confirmed

  20. Try logging in to

  21. Abdul says:

    I opened account some days back with out making payment and I wish pay in money now but the message I received if open my account is payment failed. How can I make payment now?

  22. Am trying to pay….its says payment failed wat do I do, cos I can’t find any column to pay again.

  23. Sylvymez says:

    Pls I have been registered and logged in successfully . How do I put my account details for my payment

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